The Most Popular Kinds of Wearable Technology

The Most Popular Kinds of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has brought the future to the real world. Several years ago, such pieces could be seen solely in sci-fi flics. Today, almost everybody has one piece or another of wearable technology.

If you’re making your first steps in this exciting world, chances are that you feel a little bit confused about the options. Here are some of the most popular kinds of wearable technology and the characteristics of each.


The smartwatch is the logical “extension” of the smartphone. While it does provide tons of phone alerts (about incoming calls or phone messages, for example), the smartwatch can accomplish a lot more than that.

HONGYU GT08 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera

Garmin Vivoactive Smart WatchThe smartwatch is placed on the wrist like a regular timepiece. It provides information about the time and the date but it’s also capable of accomplishing a whole lot more.

Smartwatches give alerts about social media updates, they display weather information, provide directions and maps, display search results after utilizing a voice search, give access to music and documents, allow for easier message responding on the go and track some important health parameters.

Obviously, these characteristics will vary from one smartwatch brand to another. In some instances, the device is strictly available to provide smartphone notification. Some of the newest smartwatches, however, can be used in a number of independent ways.

Smart Eyewear

Smart glasses like the Google Glass project look like standard eyewear but they come with a twist.

Garmin Varia Vision Display

Smart glassesThe surface of the glasses (the lenses) is also used as a display that can provide a lot of important information. Smart glasses give access to search results, maps, weather alerts, hands-free photo and video capture and even real world augmentations.

While Google Glass is one of the most prominent examples, there are several other kinds of smart eyewear. A few of the most promising developments in the niche include Samsung Smart Glasses, ION Smart Glasses, Vuzix M100, EmoPulse and GlassUp.

Healthwear and Activity Bands

As the name indicates, healthwear and activity bands are aimed at providing information about physical wellbeing. Some of these devices can be used during workouts while others give overall information about health and fitness.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

healthwearHealthwear can track a number of important parameters. This type of wearable technology provides information about distance walked, physical activity, calories burned, sleep quality, heartrate, breathing and hours of inactivity.

This type of wearable technology has become particularly popular among active individuals, professional athletes and people who want to work on their fitness level. Individuals who have a sedentary job, for example, will get a reminder from their activity band that they haven’t moved in some time. Some of the activity bands are also capable of coming up with a personalized workout program based on the parameters being tracked.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Head-Mounted Displays

A head mounted display (HMD) is a computerized display that’s placed over the eyes and worn on the head.

PlayStation VR

vr-refresh-tech-setSuch displays are typically mounted in a helmet. The technology can also have goggles-like appearance.

The main purpose of HMDs is to provide perfect view, regardless of the angle of viewing. Very often, such devices come with speakers or even a microphone for an optimal experience. HMDs can be used to watch multimedia and even immerse oneself in augmented reality.

Apart from the standard HDMs, the market also features optical head mounted displays (OHDM). The second piece of technology can reflect projected images, also giving the person wearing the displays to see through them.

Smart Clothing

Some researchers believe that smart clothing is the future of wearable technology. This is a relatively new class that’s still under development. Chances are that we’ll see tons of smart clothing improvements in the years to come.

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Smart ClothingLarge companies like Google, Samsung and Under Armour are already thinking of the best ways to incorporate smart technology in the design of clothes. Currently, wearable clothes are predominantly fitness focused but chances are that the concept will be expanded in the future.

Samsung has already launched some wearable prototypes. These include a belt that keeps track of weight and even a business suit with smart functionalities. More time will be required for smart clothing to become available for mass purchase but chances are that its comfort and practical appeal will surpass the ones of all other kinds of wearable technology.

Smart Jewelry

Smart rings, pendants and bracelets are already being manufactured by several tech companies.

Ringly Bluetooth Connected Smart Ring

Smart jewelrySmart jewelry is exactly what the name hints as – beautiful accessories that are packed with practical functionalities.

Some types of smart jewelry provide phone notifications, just like smartwatches. Other pieces have advanced capabilities. These include steps walked during the day, sleep quality data, fitness suggestions based on this information and compatibility with a vast range of smartphone apps.

The best aspect of smart jewelry is that it looks absolutely stunning. Gold-plated bracelets and rings that come with expensive gemstones are just two of the available options. This wearable technology is suitable for everyday and corporate wear. It’s a true two in one piece of technology that doesn’t look as conspicuous as an activity band, for example.

These are just some of the wearable technology varieties that have changed the manner in which we get information and take care of our bodies. The future of wearable tech seems quite bright. Chances are that in the future, wearable technology will become even more invisible, personalized and efficient. We’ll simply have to wait and see.

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